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OFF Track

2017 - Work in Progress 

OFF Track

OFF TRACK: a study of how we commute on trains is an investigative study of the way we travel on trains and how to better our experience onboard.

So as to provoke thoughts on the current issues through the proposed ideas. Ultimately, hoping to spark ideas and conversations on the issues at hand.

Please wait behind the yellow line




I wanted to embark on this project as traveling on trains has always been a hassle and uncomfortable.

Many of us have thought of improving our trips. However, most of the solutions fall short in one way or another.


Instead of conventional solving issues with solutions, I plunged into a study on how we travel on trains. Having, also inspired by the studies of Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby on Speculative design - I engaged in the study through observations, questionings and experimenting with ideas to the problem.







With this publication, I visualise my investigations by documenting them as photos, sketches and diagrams. From there I speculate possible solutions, to provoke thoughts and debate on the topic to engage with the readers.

Communicated through a 6 part publication:

From where we occupy on trains
How we sit and stand
To the 'Climate' on train

From exploring how we travel and discovering new ideas in the process, we hope that this new knowledge and understanding would help us in knowing what we want to better in our future rides



There are no solutions in these projects or even answers, just questions, thoughts, ideas and possibilities, all expressed through the language of design. Then probe our beliefs and values, challenge our assumptions and encourage us to imagine how what we call nature could be different.



Anthony Dunne

& Fiona Raby

on Speculative design

Observe &



Part One

The first part touches on the bigger and general aspects of the commute of trains, going into its daily functions and traveling speeds and locations.


Comparing the different train lines

Part Two

The second part looks into the spaces in the trains, where we occupy.

Finding Where We Belong.png
Finding Where We Belong 2.png
Finding Where We Belong 3.png
Finding Where We Belong 33.png
Finding Where We Belong 34.png
Finding Where We Belong 35.png

Part Three &  Four

The fourth part dives into the way we commute on the trains, we way we sit, the way we stand and how we make ourselves comfortable.


Part Five


The fifth part touches on the different elements making up the mood of the trains and how it might affect commutes.

Mixed Atmosphere Proof read.png
Mixed Atmosphere Proof read 2.png

Experiment & Provoke


Part Six

In the sixth part, we reflect on the observations and questions we had and try to come up with possible solutions which may or may not work, yet in hopes of starting conversations amongst people and to get them thinking on what our commute could be.

Proposal .png
Proposal 2.png
Proposal 3.png



Areas Mock.png
Posture spreads 2.png
Posture spreads 1.png
Posture spreads.png
Areas Mock 2.png
Areas Mock 3.png


Mixed atmosphere pages .png

Publication Flow

The parts can be read in order or at random, as each apart looks at the commute from different perspectives, yet at the same time build on each other for the whole commuting experience. Finally leading to the end where ideas are proposed and thoughts are challenged.




Much to come

This is a work in progress as this part was due in a 3 months time frame. There is so much I have yet to look into. In addition to that, it opened up a fresh new study for me to dive into, and hope to continue in this direction.


Here, I have shared my findings and in hopes to get you thinking about the way we travel. If you find this work interesting, have opinions on it or would like to collaborate, you can find me at 

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