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I am a divided person, maybe sometimes indecisive, and skeptical, however being on the fence I am always open to new perspectives and both sides of the fence. Perhaps I am similar to the Saint that I am named after, Doubting Thomas, who was skeptical at various important moments of his life. However, I sometimes think that what if he was not just a simple follower? Could he have had seen things from differently from others? 


I too see that being divided by skepticism, challenging truths and suspending judgement opens us up to more options and solutions to a problem. And I challenge myself to look at things from various sides.


Therefore, I think the best graphic to describe me is that I am divided ( / or — ). Graphically showing more than one side, while in definition breaking down a whole into its parts. Coincidentally, my chinese name is Yi Zhe, or what most of my friends would tease as ‘one fold’. Hence, my alias is also a fold - MONOCREASE.

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